S.E.A Valuation  has been operating on South Padre Island for 18 years providing  well respected and insightful assistance for the banking & mortgage industry as well as personel estate and private clients in need of professional Real Estate Appraisal services.  The company is owned & operated by Dave E Lohry, a long time resident of South Padre Island since 1980. 
 SEA Valuation covers the surrounding area including Port Isabel, Laguna Heights, Laguna Vista, South Padre Island Golf Community Bayview and of course South Padre Island.  
  SEA Valuation has a prooven track record of quality & timely performance specializing in resort & waterfront properties.  Our mission from the first day we opened our doors was to provide localized and knowledgable Real Estate Appraisal Services in the South Padre Island Market Area where local,  state and nationally located clients could expect maximum efforts in due diligence and ethics operating as their representative in the field assisting in the Residential Real Estate Property Valuation process.

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